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Create your webalbums
  • Upload multiple files & Organize them

    Creating your own web album is fast and easy. You can upload several pictures at once to create your own web albums. Use the Web Organizer to change the picture order or rotation and to add titles and descriptions to your pictures. You can create multiple albums; for example, one for each event, party or photo shoot.

  • Personalize your albums

    Personalize your web album - the possibilities are limitless. Choose a starting template, and then modify it to fit your personal style. Change the background, text color, add a logo, even change the page margins and incorporate multiple background pictures! If you prefer, there are many predefined templates to quickly personalize an album.

  • Join & Create Communities

    Communities are a new way for you to share your photos with others with a common interest. Featuring an album in a community allows others browsing that community to see your pictures. Don't see a community that matches your interests? Create your own! Create a community for hobbies, sports, research, industry or any other topics you'd like.

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